Ransom Aware

A training seminar for technical and non technical users

In the history of the internet there has been no greater threat to the viability of stored information than that of ransomware. While malicious code has come and gone over the years this form of attack for illegal monetary gain has resulted in many millions of dollars in losses and, in some cases, the elimination of otherwise viable businesses.

Ransomware takes advantage of weaknesses in protection technology, weaknesses in procedure and process, and exploits human related behaviour patterns.

In order to get the message across to your staff, Tony Krzyzewski, one of New Zealand's most persuasive presenters on information security matters, will drive the awareness message home for you. For your technical team he will bring them up to date with the things that they need to do to in order to minimise this threat to your information.

Based on a one hour session with technical staff and multiple 45 minute sessions with general staff, this seminar programme can be booked on a half day or full day basis to ensure that everyone is aware of the ransomware threat and how to behave safely.

For sessions aimed at executive and management personnel we also include an overview of phishing attacks aimed at extracting funds via social engineering techniques.

Call or email now to book your seminars and become Ransom Aware.