Experience Counts

Tony Krzyzewski has close to forty year's experience in the information technology sector covering mainframe, early micro, networking, internet and IT security sectors. In many of these areas he is seen as a New Zealand pioneer as a result of his ability to identify, understand and introduce new methods well before they became mainstream components of the IT landscape.

His broad range of experience, deep technical understanding, a passion for protecting information, and an ability to translate technical matters into language that those within business can understand leads to him being a key asset for organisations wishing to maximise their return on information systems investments.

Many organisations across the government, commercial, educational and local authority sectors have trusted Tony to use his knowledge of complex environments to identify areas of weakness and provide sound advice for resolution.

Trust and Integrity

Key to Tony's business ethics are trust and integrity. This has led him to become a highly respected member of New Zealand's IT community and receives regular referrals from other practicioners, vendors and clients knowing that he has the ability to deliver.

If you have an issue or a project that needs someone that needs some with experience to oversee or assist, then do what many have done before you... give Tony K a call.