Information Systems & Security

For over forty years the name TonyK has been synonymous with innovation, expertise, quality and experience across many sectors of the New Zealand Information Systems industry. It's a name that people trust when seeking information systems advice and assistance, a person to call when you need help with IT networks, systems and security.

A true pioneer of the Information Technology and Information Security industries, Tony has been helping organisations protect their information against internal abuse and external attack for over twenty years with professional services and carefully selected information security products. In 2017 Tony was elected as a Fellow of the Institute of IT Professionals in recognition of his contribution to the IT industry.

Aviation Services

In the aviation world Tony is well known for the web site that documented his construction of Europa Aircraft #272, and for being the test pilot during the development of the Airmaster 332 constant speed propeller for experimental and sport aircraft.

IT Systems Advisory Services

Are your systems and processes implemented to provide optimal efficiency and provide maximum protection for you information assets? Do you need an experienced buffer between you and outsource partners or vendors? Are you making a decision about IT strategy? If you believe that experience counts then I look forward to being of assistance.

IT Training & Troubleshooting Services

From networking, operational matters and information security fundamentals through to IT systems management essentials I can provide training and guidance. And for those times when things do go really wrong an experienced hand on deck to assist your staff never goes astray.

Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems

Drones have many applications within New Zealand, but are your operators really aware of their obligations under aviation regulations and are they fully knowledgeable with regard to drone operating conditions? I provide training and consulting services to organisations using drones under CAA Part 101 operating conditions.

Call Tony K!

Over the years I have received many calls which start with "I was talking to [insert name here] about [insert complex IT problem here] and they told me to phone Tony K because he might be able to help". Many times I have been able to help, and if I haven't been able to help then I have been able to point them to someone that can help.

Well that's what TonyK.NZ Ltd is all about. It's about having someone onboard that has close to forty year's experience in IT Operations, engineering, internet system development, solutions sales, networking, security, governance and business management.

It's about being able to call on someone who can express complex technical matters to staff, executives and board members and can help you through the challenges confronting IT management in your organisation.

It's about having someone who can manage vendor relations, make sense of business proposals, work out how to get the best out of technology procurement, and cut through vendor technobabble and distill it down to reality.

But most of all it's down to having someone with many years of experience in the New Zealand IT sector being able to guide and mentor both you and your organisation through the ever changing tangle that we call information systems.

Tony S Krzyzewski